MOPTIM Dry Eye Analyzer
  • Hand held and slit lamp mounted
  • MOPTIM Dry Eye Analyzer
  • Slit lamp mounted
  • Slit lamp mounted
  • Full equipment in neat case
  • MOPTIM Dry Eye Analyzer
  • Meibography
  • Meibography
  • Meibography
  • Non-invasive Breakup Time (NiBUT)
  • Interferometry
  • Tear meniscus height
  • Fluorescein staining
  • Redness
  • MOPTIM Dry Eye Analyzer
  • ortho-K lens fitting
  • ortho-K lens fitting

MOPTIM Dry Eye Analyzer


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- A dedicated platform for dry eye diagnosis, provided complete dry eye tests according to the recommendation of TFOS DEWS II report

- 8 mp high resolution camera and outstanding optical design bring high level of details and clarity

- Can be mounted in majority of slit lamps, easy to be integrated into any practice seamlessly

- Step-by-step instructions for dry eye exam, assisting technician use

Image Resolution 8,000,000 pixels
Image Dimensions 3864 x 2218 pixels JPEG
Acquisition Mode Multi-shot photos, video
Focus and Exposure Manual and automatic
Covering Area Maximum 8 mm
Camera Colored, sensitive to infrared
Light Source Infrared LED, Blue and white LED


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  • Evaluate the meibomian glands with infrared light, the software provides automatic evaluation of loss area.

Non-invasive breakup time

  • Automatically analyze break-up area, first and average break-up time for tear stability evaluation.


  • Record a video of blinking process to observe the surface reflection pattern and dynamics of the tear film.

Tear meniscus height

  • Evaluate tear meniscus height that is observed on the eyelid margins. Up to 5 measurement points can be taken.

Fluorescein Staining

  • Evaluate the areas of damage on the ocular surface after application of the fluorescein dye. Compare your images with grading scales incorporated in the software.


  • Eye redness could be one of the symptoms of dry eye disease. Compare your images with grading scales incorporated in the software.

Working Distance 3 mm - 50 mm
Ports USB 3.0
Power Supply 5 V
Dimension 170mm (H) x 54mm (W) x x 64~110mm (L)
Weight 427g (including main body, 4 lenses and 1 wireless camera shutter)
Accessories Standard: wireless camera shutter, lenses, briefcase, desktop lens case, slit lamp adapters; optional:complete holder,instrument table
Operating System Windows 10 64 bit
System Requirement Intel core i3, RAM 8GB, hard disk 200G, screen resolution: 1920*1080
Exams Fluorescein staining, NIBUT, FBUT, interferometry, meibography, tear meniscus height, redness, eyelid margin

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